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In the face of today's growing inequities, devastations, and polarizations.
October 15, 2015

The upcoming 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation is an opportunity to make more public certain distinctively Lutheran emphases, especially in relation to crises now. In Luther’s time in Germany, the Papacy was the most powerful institution ruling over people’s lives, with closely intertwined religious, social, cultural, and political aspects. Under this system, no one could do enough so as to be certain of his/her salvation. Luther came to view this institutional power of domination as a theological matter which threatened salvation itself. He broke open this system of domination, by proposing a much different relationship with God. Luther responded both to people’s fears or captivity and touched the church's nerve center: its financial support and its divine legitimacy...
Has “winning” becomes all that matters politically?
December 1, 2015

What has become apparent as the U.S. horizon becomes every more cluttered with candidates declaring they want to be President, is that the drive to “win” has become all that really matters – at whatever the costs financially, to candidates' integrity or to the prevailing political culture. Sound bytes or code words are carefully calibrated to “win” one or another segment of potential voters. All that matters is who or what will “win.” As soon as candidates announce, they are compared with others as to their “winnability” with this or that segment of the voters. In the process, more people become even more disillusioned with the political scene, and thus more unlikely to vote.